// Gets today's date and time const today = new Date(); // Sets the property of the text element to be a string representing today's date in the user's local format $w("#text1").text = today.toLocaleDateString(); $w("#text12").text = today.toLocaleTimeString();
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Job Title: Salesfore Application Manager
Job Duties:

Salesforce Application Managers, Cumming, GA: Work w/ sftwre vendors to identify tech & design patterns for the dvlpmt of a solutions based on customer landscape. Lead organization-wide CRM methodology, framework governing Program and Portfolio Mgmt, Sys Dvlpmt & Tech Governance Drive adoption of dvlpmt method best practices across the COE & facilitate the salesforce pltfrm & eco-system across the organization. Some job duties may be performed from home Trave/reloc to various unanticipated locations. Send res to: Hanya Technologies, hr@hanyatechnologies.com


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